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Male and Female Maltese puppies

Maltese puppies They are home trained and very playful. They are well socialized with children and other pets at home

Yorkie Puppies Available

Yorkie Puppies available. Exceptional quality dogs, Vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed and micro chipped. All puppies come registered and health... Read more

8 Weeks Old Yorkie Puppies for sale

Yorkie puppies Home raised and already house broken. They have health first vaccinations They will go to their new homes

Adorable Pug Puppies for sale Near Me

They have all of their immunizations up to date, have been dewormed, and have undergone two vet checks before leaving.

Adorable Home-raised & Potty-Trained Doodles for Adoption

We presently have litters for the following breeds: Bernedoodle, Cavapoo, Cockapoo, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Saint Berdoodle, Sheepadoodle,... Read more

Litter Announcements - Doodles & Other small breeds

We presently have litters for the following breeds: Bernedoodle, Cavapoo, Cockapoo, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Saint Berdoodle, Sheepadoodle,... Read more

Buy Stunning Pug Puppies Here

Google search us as "PERFECT HOUSE PUGS"We are thrilled to report that we have a healthy litter of the cutest Pug puppies. These delightful bundles... Read more

African grey parrots for sale

African grey parrots available well trained and hand tamed ready to go and they have no trouble with other home domestic pets.

Yorkie puppies for sale

Our puppies never show aggression in any shape or form, however, do not confuse aggression, with the ability to stand up to another dog, as our... Read more

Pugs for sale near me | Cheap Pugs Available For Adoption | Teacup Pug

Young Pug puppies are offered to their lifelong homes. Gorgeous, fully registered, home-trained, affectionate, clever, loyal, and driven pugs show... Read more

Capuchin monkyes baby 13 weeks for adoption

capuchin monkeys Male and Female USDA approved starter kit and all health certifications with paperwork Very sweet on bottle wears Diapers and ready... Read more

Outstanding Male and Female Pug Puppies Ready To Go

Search us in google as < Perfect House Pugs>We own both the mother and father, who are chocolate and tan pugs Pde clear with evidence, and our... Read more


Are you an animal lover? Do you like petting different kinds of animals? Do squishy mushy tiny creatures make you go awww?

The Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies are an exotic breed of dogs which are very rare to find. Finding corgi puppies for sale in United States can be an extremely difficult task and even if you find them they can be extremely expensive. Corgi puppies are one of the cutest and the most exotic breeds of the dog species.

They have extremely adorable body features. Short legs, a head tilt, an elongated bread loaf structured body. They are an extremely cute species. Everyone desires to own a sweet little corgi puppy of their own, it's just a matter of pride. They are indeed a royal breed and bring pride to the owner. Surprisingly, Queen Elizabeth ll was in awe with the tiny cute little corgis, she owned 30 of them! They are a highly energetic breed and are an extremely playful and acute variety. They generally have a life span of 12-14 years. They are easy to train and a highly intelligent breed. They can survive well in temperate climates and basically belong to the European continent. They are a rather short variety and grow up to 10-12 inches, they weigh around 30 pounds and are one of the most lovable breeds of dog. Many websites put up corgi puppies for sale in United States but they are an extremely expensive breed ranging anywhere between 500-800 USD. Although finding a pure breed of corgi puppies for sale is a difficult task and requires a dog expert to identify a purebred.

Corgi puppies for sale in United States

Finding a pure breed of Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies for sale in United States is a task of great difficulty and may need a lot of research. But there is an easier way, what you can do is go to Google and search animal rescue organisations In United States to find corgi puppies for sale in United States, you can contact such NGOs and rescue organizations and adopt a dog! A pure breed of Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs in Texas can cost anywhere between 600$ and 1000$. You can also find corgi puppies for sale in United States on various websites like oorgin!

Why are French bulldogs so expensive?

The French bulldog is another exotic breed of dog. The French bulldog is a breed which requires high maintenance and is a very expensive breed. A French bulldog would cost between 1500$ - 3000$. But why are French bulldogs so expensive? Here is why

The reasons behind this are as follows

  • - French Bulldogs require artificial insemination. They cannot mate naturally due to their short legs. They are born by c section.
  • - Pregnant French Bulldogs require special intensive care and nutrition. This includes a high protein diet to induce lactation
  • - They need regular checks by a veterinarian doctor.
  • - Anything which is rarely found is expensive, so French bulldogs also follow the same.
  • - Thee breeding of a pure French Bulldog is a time-consuming process and involves a lot of hard work, if done properly

Finding pure french bulldog for sale is a very tough job, they can be adopted from NGOs or searched on websites like oorgin.

So dear dog-loving friend are you ready to have the dog of your dreams?

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