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Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty will help you get rid of excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen (so-called abdominal apron) with or without repositioning this navel depending on your status.

It is a large-scale operation so a good preoperative communication with us is absolutely necessary.


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The abdominal lifting operation is performed through an incision that extends from the right anterosuperior iliac spine to the left one, positioned so as to be as little visible as possible postoperatively. A periumbilical incision is added to this incision if the umbilicus needs to be repositioned.

During the intervention, the skin and excess adipose tissue is lifted from the abdominal wall, if the muscle wall is weakened, it is strengthened by folding it.

During the intervention, along with the excision of the excess skin and fat, any scars and stretch marks can be removed (as far as possible).

It uses aspiration drainage that promotes rapid healing by decreasing inflammation and accumulations of blood and fluids that can cause complications, it will be removed a few days postoperatively.

Anesthesia is general or local with intravenous sedation

Hospitalization lasts between 1-3 days

Duration of the intervention between 2-4 hours

Initial abdominoplasty consultation

At the first meeting we will make an assessment of your biological status together, so you must tell us the existence of diseases that could influence the eventual intervention.

Also now we will appreciate the disposition of the adipose tissue and the tonicity of your skin. Good communication will help us get the best results and we can appreciate if we can get the results you want.

Locating fat only in the lower abdomen can allow us to perform a smaller operation called mini-abdominoplasty, which often requires only one day of hospitalization.

The risks of this intervention increase if you are diabetic, with circulatory disorders, heart, lung, or liver problems if you are a smoker, have a history of deep vein thrombosis or coagulation disorders.

Discuss all these issues with us in order to minimize the risks.

Who is recommended to do abdominal liposuction?

• those who are close to the ideal weight do not exceed this weight by more than 30%

• those who want to remove specific areas that can not be removed through diet and exercise

stable weight for at least 6 months

• good skin tone and elasticity

• those who have realistic expectations

• the emotionally stable

• those who understand the risks of the operation

Even if you do not meet all these criteria, it does not mean that you cannot do abdominoplasty, only that the risks increase that you and your surgeon will not be satisfied with the result obtained.

If you want to lose many kilograms, postpone the abdominal lifting operation until you succeed in this, only then address the plastic surgeon.

If you want a child, also postpone this intervention.

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