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Graphic design is a field that includes many genres, and photo editing is one of the major ones. Background removal is one of the main part sof photo editing. This process helps the designer to separate the subject of the image from its background.

Suppose, you took a picture of a rose. Now, you want to keep the beautiful rose for some purpose such as putting it on some other background. So, naturally, you need to remove its background to separate the rose. The method that designers use to keep the desired subject of an image and remove the background is called background removal.

A clipping path company provides designers who will remove background from the image and make your subject separable so you can use it anywhere.


There are many ways you can remove background from images. Here are the top methods that the clipping path companies use for background removal services.


Different background removal methods a clipping path company uses

In Adobe Photoshop, you will find various tools ideal for background removal.  However, you can make your task easier by learning which tool is better for which purpose.

Letís find out, then. Shall we?

1.    Rectangular Marquee Tool

If you are trying to remove the background from a rectangular subject, then this is the easiest and perfect tool for your cause. When you select the tool, it automatically selects a rectangle in the image, from where you can perfect your selection by moving and stretching the area.

You can also create a square selection by holding the Shift key to select a square area.


2.    Elliptical Marquee Tool

If a square or rectangle shape isnít what you want, and you are looking for separating an egg-shaped area, then this is the tool for the situation. This elliptical tool will choose an elliptical area; if you want to select a circle, however, you just have to hold the shift tool, and itís done perfectly.


3.    Lasso Tool

Whether you work in a clipping path company, or a freelancer, or a hobby designer, the Lasso tool is a friendly tool that you can use in numerous types of selection. This tool lets you create closed rough paths and free form paths.


4.    Quick Selection Tool

The quick selection tool is a rather intelligent tool that selects an area based on color and texture. This tool is especially useful if the subject of your image has a single color and also contains as ingle-colored background.


5.    Magic W and Tool

Much like the Quick Selection tool, the Magic Wand tool selects the pixels having the same color.


6.    Pen Tool

We saved the supreme tool for the last.

The Pen tool is popular among all types of designers Ėwhether itís a designer working for a clipping path company, or any designer for that matter. The Pen tool is also very difficult to master since you have to learn how to control the tool to your advantage.


Nonetheless, this is the most practical tool for any type of vector closed-path area selection. No matter how detailed the path is,if you can master the tool, you can remove the background from the subject easily.

Now that you are familiar with the tools, you can do a better job of any type of background removal service at your clipping path company

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